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What is the Art Wall Project?

The City of Tustin Parks and Recreation Department and the Tustin Community Foundation are collaborating to create a beautiful tile art wall at the newly constructed Citrus Ranch Park, located on Portola Parkway and Jamboree Road. The art wall is a public art project that will be an attractive addition to the park site and a colorful depiction of Tustin’s agricultural heritage.

The planning process is currently underway and a special Art Wall Ad-Hoc Committee is working to complete this public work of art. It is the Committee’s preference not to rely solely on public funding, but rather utilize private donations from citizens in the community and local businesses.

We are pleased to announce that we have selected Mike Tauber from Laguna Beach as our artist.



Citrus Ranch Park Art Wall Dedication
Saturday, December 8, 2012

photographs by Sharyn Sakimoto,

Bronze plaque that will be installed at the Art Wall recognizing our
generous Valencia Sponsors, the Artist, and the Foundation.

Dave Wilson, City of Tustin's Director of Parks & Recreation Dept, welcoming the crowd.

Lis Fortner, Tustin Community Foundation Chairperson of the Partners in Parks program.

Unveiling with Valencia Sponsors, City of Tustin City Council Members and the Ad Hoc Committee

The beautiful Art Wall which incorporates the view from tthe hilltop gazebo and surrounding lemon grove
which pays tribute to our agricultural past when many citrus groves dotted the city's landscape.

Current City Council members; (l-r) Allan Bernstein, Mayor Al Murray, Becky Gomez,
Artist Mike Tauber, Chuck Puckett, and John Nielsen

Ad Hoc Committee members; (l-r) Dave Wilson, Lis Fortner, Mike Tauber, Donna Peery and Sharyn Sakimoto

photographs by Sharyn Sakimoto,

We need your help!

Please consider making a donation in support of the Citrus Ranch Art Wall Project
and be part of this important and timeless piece of art!

How can I help?

To make a donation through the Tustin Community Foundation
please click the 'Donate' button.

Click HERE for a Donation Form!

Interested citizens and the local business community may make a tax deductible donation as allowed by law.

Significant donations of $1000 or more will entitle the donor to be recognized permanently at the art wall site.

For more information regarding the Citrus Ranch Park Art Wall, please call the City of Tustin Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 573-3331.

News Articles & Updates

Art Wall Update ~ December 2012

Citrus Ranch Park Art Wall Dedication
Saturday, December 8, 2012

Performance by 'Voices of Tustin'

Tustin Community Foundation

A short video highlighting the wonderful work achieved by Tustin's premier
community charity,
Tustin Community Foundation.  This piece includes
information about the Citrus Ranch Park Art Wall Project.  Click

Art Wall Update ~ November 2012

The Citrus Ranch Park Art Wall, our first Partners in Parks project,
will start installation by the artist on November 13, 2012!

Thank you Chairperson, Lis Fortner!
You have done a fantastic job seeing this from start to finish!!

Thank you to everyone in our TCF family who assisted with fundraising and fundraisers!

This project will be highlighted in a video by Pam Gooderham at the
Breakfast next week, and I can't wait to see it and the finished wall!

Art Wall Update ~ October  2012

Art Wall Update ~ August 2012

Work continues on the art wall. The beginnings of the pavilion deck are shown in this photo.

Art Wall Update ~ July 2012

In-studio work continues on the beautiful Citrus Ranch Art Wall by our selected artist, Mike Tauber.

In May, the ad-hoc committee had the opportunity to attend our artist's Annual Spring Open Studio Exhibition in Laguna Canyon.  Along with work by twenty other artists, we had the chance to see a section of our art wall in Mike's studio.  The section has had a single firing and the vivid lemons on the right section were a sight to behold!  Mike works exclusively on Italian procelain tile and says "Our entrance mural is reminiscent of packing crate labels produced in Southern California in the mid-twentieth century.  It will welcome visitors into the park by highlighting three of the parks unique features:  Rustic stone structions, the panoramic views of the landscape, and a close up view of live citrus. The mural offers bold, readable visuals from far away and amazing detail from up close.  The colors convey a historic palette, and the tile finish has a smoothe, low relief texture that is comfortable to touch.

We think you will agree that Mike's approach to our Art Wall and his body of work will be an amazing and lasting feature to the park site.  Being the first privately funded artwork in a Tustin park will also celebrate our city's Parks & Recreation Departments motto that "Parks Make Life Better!"

  Art wall to go up in Tustin's Citrus Ranch Park  (OC Register 2/22/12)


  Valencia Sponsors

The Baker Family: Gary Baker, M.D., Sokhavy Baker, Cameron Baker, Amara Baker
Enderle Center
O Entertainment
Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA)
Tustin Host Lions Club
Tustin - Santa Ana Rotary Club
Wendy Grande

  Olive Sponsors

Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA)
Tustin Graphics
Tustin Ranch Golf Club

Citrus Sponsors

Chris Uribe, Alex Moving & Storage
Lis & Gary Fortner
Wiki Wiki Shave Ice


Palm Sponsors

Laurie & Jonathan Abelove
Mitch & Kim DeBenedetto, Aloha Graphics
Susan & Sam Altowaiji
Elizabeth Binsack
Sharon Cebrun
Elaine & Archie Dove

Erin & John Nielsen
Shirley & Walt Sullens
Cynthia & Mark Sweeney
Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA)
Tustin Area Womans Club
West Coast Arborists


Pine Sponsors

Nancy & Glenn Barry
Tammis Berkheimer
Debora Brawley

Rachael Bright
Jillian & Percy Browne
Libby Buckley

Cherrill Cady
Michelle Caligiuri
Marissa Charette
Dr. Jose & Julie Chay

Chad Clanton
AJ Coco

Susannah D'Arcy
Susan Dobak
Devon Doughtery
Marilyn Esposito
Susan Ewing
Sharon Fahrney
Wendy Greene
Barbara Guerrero

Monica & Tim Haider
Maggie Hart

Kristy & Ken Henderson
Kate Hileman
Maggie & Terry Hogan

Bill Huston
Jaime Jolly
Irene & Jim Jones
Pamela Arends King
Sarah King
Steve & Kathy Kozak

Alice & Keaton Kreitzer
Amy Levinson
Sherri Loveland
Penny Maynard
Becky Gomez McKeon
Erin & Greg Moore
Dottie Nash
Eligia Nicolai
Sissy Oberlin
Donna Marsh Peery
Donna & Chuck Puckett
Kristi Recchia
Carrie Robertson
Sue Robishaw
Leslile & Don Ropele
Sharon Sakimoto
Debbie Sowder
Cynthia Sweeney
Debra & Dennis Tortora
Stella Voldman
Gretchen Whisler
Susan Willo
David Wilson
Abir Zaki

Citrus Ranch Park
2910 Portola Parkway
Tustin Ranch, CA 92782

Updated: December 19, 2012